Privacy Policy

As of 25th May 2018 'The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force.  It is a new European Law that gives you more control and protection of your personal data.  All businesses within the EU or businesses outside the EU but who hold data on EU citizens, must be clearer on how they collect and use your information.

How we collect your Personal Information

There are a number of ways that we collect your personal information; primarily from things that you tell us yourself via telephone conversations, written correspondence, or when you make enquiries via email or the contact form on this website.  Information is gathered about you such as Name,  Email Address, home or business address and telephone numbers.

We only keep information that is essential for our business transactions.  we do not record any 'Special Data' such as racial or ethnic origin, genetic or biometric data.

How we Use the Information we collect

The main reason for using your information is either to transact sales or services or to respond to your questions and queries.


We only send you information about items for sale or details of exhibitions and events if you have explicitly requested that we do so.

Sharing of Data

We do not share any of your personal data with third parties other than: when we are required to do so by law; for the detection and prevention of fraud and other illegal or unwanted activities. Information contained in invoices is shared with accountants and relevant Tax authorities. Also contact details are shared with courier/postal services solely for the purpose of delivery when applicable. Or if we have requested and received your permission to share with another party.

Storage of Data

All electronic data is stored securely on computer systems and mobile devices protected by cyber security software which is constantly reviewed and updated and all are password protected.

All Written correspondence and back up paper files are also kept securely.

Your privacy and security are very important to us and we are fully committed to ensuring that we meet the high standards for data privacy and security, including complying with the European Unions General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

If you have any questions regarding how we store your personal data or you wish to have it removed please do not  hesitate to contact us.