Through his paintings Paul invites you to share his love of closely observing and portraying aspects of the natural world. His exquisite depiction of landscape and animal life has distinguished him as an exceptional representational, realist artist with international standing in the art world today.

Paul’s use of dramatic lighting, seductive colours and unusual glazes create a profound sense of tranquillity within his atmospheric landscapes, for which he has become renowned. His portraits of animals and birds are also remarkable for the consummate skill with which he depicts their hair, fleece, fur or feathers and real-life expression in their eyes. Sometimes combining a humorous approach to his subjects with the manipulation of perspective and size, Paul’s interpretations are all the more immediate and arresting.

More recently he has started to explore the juxtaposition of animal life within contemporary urban scenery, first inspired from his days boating through the inner city towpaths of the Uk. He has also forayed into the realms of surrealism with pieces such as ‘Zebra Crossing’ and ‘Grand Master’

Take a look, and see some of the paintings through the stages of creation. 

Paul James_Brown and Out Stage23.JPG

Brown and Out

Although it is not so uncommon these days for bears to be found on the streets within the United States and Canada, here we find this sultry brown bear hanging out on what looks to be a British kerbside. Looking a little drained with what could be a sore head hopefully he’s got enough bottle to grin and bear it sustained by the necessities of life that surround him!

Guarding Gifford

This canvas features two historic narrow boats ‘Clematis’ the motor and ‘Gifford’ the un-powered butty, which is towed by the motor (although originally it would have been horse drawn). This painting was taken from some of the photographic reference material that he collected whilst living on the waterways. 

Paul James_Dog End Street stage18.jpg

Dog End Street

Paul found the dog in the Spanish Port of Vigo the first stop on a transatlantic crossing to the USA.  Never one to miss an opportunity he asked the owner if he could take some photographs as the hound looked so characterful.  You may notice a continuation of the graffiti from the Urban Gorilla painting.



was conceived at the same time as 'Chillin' and depicts thejuxtaposition of this Brown Bear amidst the detritus of an urban street; not such a far fetched concept in parts of the world today as mankind and wildlife compete for living space.  Paul has however introduced a number of 'famous' bears throughout the piece in a light hearted and ironic manner. How many can you spot?


Further Afield

One of Paul's more traditional landscapes; a pastoral scene from the beautiful Charnwood forest.